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Clickable newspaper tiles directly below link to specific resources & help hubs that can be contacted anytime.

Last updated September 2023

Folded Newspapers

Reuters is generally considered center on issues, if not a tad to the left and very reliable in their reporting, fact checking, and transparency. Generally considered to be credible with an above average score in a study on the topic at 46.09. Typically offering fast reporting on developing events Reuters articles are the first I usually check to confirm or deny the circumstances of an event.


ABC News is considered left of center in it's media bias analyses. It came in the highest in a comparative survey of credibility of major news orgs with 61% in 2022 finding the reporting to be credible, tied for highest with CBS News.Considered to be credible by research companies as well.


New York Post is slightly right leaning according to most bias charts and research findings.It's not considered as credible, getting a score of 33.22 in a research study with 42 being considered the threshold for a good and credible source. I go to this site to challenge my perspective and get information from another lens.


MSNBC is considered very bias towards the left and considered to align directly with progressive and left-leaning ideals. It came in tied with Fox News in the consumer survey for credibility with 48% of respondents finding it credible. In the before mentioned research study MSNBC scored 34.74 which they interpreted as generally reliable with some issues. I would agree with that assessment and typically fact-check the news I get from MSNBC before sharing.

Stack of Newspapers

The BBC News is considered slightly more left than Reuters but still very center. Generally regarded as a trustworthy source that fact-checks and investigates sources and claims. It's credibility came into question after a February 2020 survey. BBC News is generally the second source I check to reconfirm or to put into question what I found in Reuters' or another organization's reporting.


The New York Times is a publication I have a subscription to and often get email notifications through about current events. With 52% of respondents in the aforementioned survey finding them credible, it's middle of the road and considered left leaning.

Pile of Newspapers

Another more right leaning publication is The Washington Times. Regarded as slightly more credible than the New York Post with a score of 36.44 in the same study, I generally use it for the same purpose of challenging my perspective and getting more information that might've been taken out of the narrative by more left leaning publications.

Folded Newspapers

CNN is considered slightly left of center. 53% of respondents found CNN to be credible or very credible in a survey just about CNN and in the before mentioned survey about new organization credibility had 53% of respondents claiming they find CNN is credible. 

Information & Resources

Clickable images below link to more information, agencies, and policies related to the image. Example: a picture of solar panels links to the Department of Energy policies.

Last updated August 2023

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