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This website, rose stem media, is my, Rose East's, passion project--made up of multiple things including a horror review blog (Red Rose Horror), researched essays on topical events (Blue Rose Network page), and my other creative endeavors like poetry, short stories, book chapters, and anything else I'm working on or interested in (the weird rose). 


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Red rose horror

I started Red Rose Horror in 2021 and it remains one of the pages/outlets I dedicate a decent chunk of time to, especially during spooky season. Below is a trailer of an upcoming horror movie I'm planning to watch and gets updated regularly. Below that are buttons to specific sections on the Red Rose Horror page of this website.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

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Cassette Tape

rose stem media

Red Rose Horror black.png

Red Rose Horror

Horror review blog and general horror related articles and topics. Also, using primary & secondary research to critique the parallels between society and the media it creates.

the weird rose black.png

the weird rose

Weird articles and content for fellow weird people. Posts feature a wide range of topics from internet history and pop culture commentary to  scandalous celebrity news and politics both local to the Pacific North West and national.

Blue Rose Network black.png

Blue Rose Network

In-depth essays & articles about world topics: climate change, politics, business news, tech industry updates, etc. All include primary and secondary research to support an investigative narrative aiming to analyze topics and how those topics relate to everyday life.

Cassette Tapes

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