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A digital creator - this website, rose stem media, includes multiple creative projects: a horror review blog*, researched, topical essays & articles, tee shirt designs, and podcast episodes about being the weird one.

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Scary Building

Happy Halloween

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rose stem media

An umbrella over multiple creative projects. What started as a horror review blog to build my marketing, writing, and design skills is now multiple passion projects including the branding of this website, the articles on it, and a podcast coming soon.

Red Rose Horror

Using primary & secondary research to critique the parallels between society and the media it creates. Examples: Franchise Marathons, Deep Dives, and solo movie reviews that can be found on the Red Rose Horror specific webpage or all posts section below. 

the weird rose

A weird podcast for fellow weirdos. With a variety of topics like internet history, pop culture commentary & politics. Myself and guests will cover topics, our unsolicited takes, and what we might be able to do to address the issues surrounding the topic.

Blue Rose News

In-depth essays & articles about world topics: climate change, politics, business news, tech industry updates, etc. All include primary and secondary research to support an investigative narrative aiming to analyze topics and how those topics relate to everyday life.

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