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Serious, in-depth essays and articles about world topics like climate change, politics, true crime, business news, tech industry updates, and more. All posts include primary and secondary research to support an investigative narrative aiming to analyze topics and their relation to everyday life.



Be like Beaverton

Taking a deep look at the local politics outside of Portland, Oregon called Beaverton, Oregon that is doing all of the "right" things on paper. Beaverton is a city that I believe embodies what a lot of the theoretical conversations in the US are about addressing regarding community aid and crisises like homelessness and immigration.


Extremism in the United States

The United States feels more like a boiling pot than a melting pot at this point in time. The fabric of our society is being pulled apart by two side of an extremist coin and this article is a brief look at those two sides. Both sides have gained power from burgeoning online communities that are becoming increasingly uncontrollable, volatile, and bloodthirsty. The upcoming 2024 election is setting the perfect stage for fascism to takeover if calmer minds do not prevail, making us caring more important than ever.

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reporting on civil discourse

Between The January 6th Insurrection and Summer 2020 Protests media coverage morphed into click bait articles and misrepresented information, sometimes downright misinformation from both sides. This article will compare how the media reported both events in modern US history and the similarities and differences in that coverage. Goal of publication by end of 2023.


How Bad is Biden?

Attempting to put a lot of information about Biden and his history in politics with a special focus on his Presidency. The 2024 election is being set up as one of the most important in modern times. Having a good grasp on information and a relative understanding of what misinformation might look like is becoming more important than ever and this is my contribution to the fight against it.

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